What We Do

We believe in treating your goals, financial strategies, investments, insurance and benefit plans as if they were our own.

Roger Harris formed R. Kent Harris & Associates, LTD in 1996 as a reaction to the impersonal product-centered approach that he felt traditional investment and insurance practices maintained. Rather, he wanted to build a financial services practice that is focused on the client relationship, oriented towards strategy and client-need. Roger set out to build an organization that serves the client, not the industry.  

Our number one goal is to help you realize your financial dreams so that you can live a fulfilling life free of financial stress. To accomplish this purpose, we specialize in helping you find growth opportunities through a multi-asset approach while preserving capital and reducing taxes. This involves our active involvement on an ongoing, long-term process of assessing needs and expectations in order to achieve goals. We focus on conducting the research and performing the due diligence necessary to identify the strategies most likely to enable achievement of your objectives.

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