How We Do It

In fulfilling our vision to change the lives of those we serve through education, efficiency and the realization of lifelong dreams, we fully evaluate your current financial situation. We listen intently to your vision for the future before making any financial recommendations.  We do this through our exclusive 6-step process:


  1. Identify / Prioritize Objectives
    We first want to learn about your personal experience with investments, insurance, financial planning and employee benefits. If necessary, we will help educate you to assist you in better understanding your financial situation and alternatives to your current approach. It’s important to define your needs and objectives before creating and implementing a strategy.
  2. Gather Information
    Next, gather all the information needed to fully assess your situation and develop our professional recommendations. We may ask you for a variety of documents, facts and figures. Please try to be as accurate and as thorough as possible so that our analysis can proceed without undue delays and inaccuracies.
  3. Analyze Information
    We will then take the proper amount of time to review and analyze all of your information. As we prepare for our next meeting with you, we’ll create a list of recommendations and begin creating a plan that will move you closer to your financial goals.
  4. Propose Solutions
    During this important meeting, we will help you understand the risks and rewards of your current plan and present you with our recommendations.  
    We’ll discuss your options and agree on the best course of action.
  5. Take Action
    The next phase of the process will fall primarily to us, as we’ll be the ones implementing the majority of your personalized plan. There may be a few to-do items on your list as well. Working together, we’ll put the initial plan in place and phase in any additional items based on your personal timeline and desires.
  6. Review Your Progress
    During the planning stages, we’ll agree on how often we’ll meet for review meetings. Rest assured, we’ll be monitoring your progress between meetings. We’ll also be in touch via telephone and email, or possibly even a video conferencing service. We’ll deliver statements and personal correspondence via Your Personal Financial Website. As we review your progress, we may fine-tune the plan over time. While life can takes some twists and turns, the plan we implement should be a stable foundation for a set period of time. We’ll assist you in making new decisions at various points along the way. After all, this is a journey together. Our goal is to be your single most trusted financial advisor through integrity, experience and exclusive value-centered service.